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Antari Z-1000 MKII Fog Machine
Antari Z-1000 MKII fog machine with Z-10 on/off control, 1000W heater, unicore technology (the most..
Antari W-715 Upright Fogger B-Stock
B-Stock, Antari W-715 Upright Fogger, W-715 Upright Fogger. Specifications: Power: AC 100/120 V, 23..
Smoke Factory Spaceball II
Smoke Factory Spaceball II – vaporiser fog machine (650W DMX), 0.75 litre fluid canister, 99 leve..
Smoke Factory Captain D. Case Fog Machine
Smoke Factory Captain D. Case High Professional 1300 Watt DMX Fog Machine, classic fog generator wi..
Look Viper S 650W Fog Machine
The Look Viper S with 650 Watt and a powerful output of approx. 8 meters perfectly completes the Vi..
Look Viper NT 230V Fog Machine
Look Viper NT 230V 1.3kW Fog Machine incl. 5L Regular Fluid - digital technology, new design. The V..
Antari F-80 Z Fog Machine
Antari F-80 Z with On/Off Controller - small portable fogger with 700W heater, continuous output, m..
Martin Glaciator X-Stream
Martin Glaciator X-Stream, The Glaciator X-Stream creates a total, ground fog effect from a self-co..
Look Power-Tiny Accu-Power Fogger
Look Power-Tiny Accu-Power Fogger, The Power-Tiny completes the range of the off-mains operated mac..
Antari Z-3000/ II DMX
Antari Z-3000/ II - fog machine with DMX controller, 3000W heater, unicore technology (the most eas..
Smoke Factory Captain D. Fog Machine
Smoke Factory Captain D. High Professional 1300 Watt DMX Fog Machine, classic fog generator with po..
Antari Z-1020 Smoke Machine
Antari Z-1020 High Performance Smoke Machine - low-weight, 1000W heater. Unicore technology makes i..
Stairville SF-1000 Fog Machine
Stairville SF-1000 - 1kW fog machine for use on normal/large stages, 1000W heater, output volume 10..
Antari M-1 Battery Smoke Machine
Antari M-1 Small Battery Smoke Machine, Set includes rechargeable battery (12V), charger, smoke flu..
Stairville SF-80 Fog Machine
Stairville SF-80 Fog Machine - ideal for small stages and rooms, 700W, includes cabled remote contr..
Smoke Factory Enterprise TC4
Smoke Factory Enterprise TC4 Fog Machine - 2.6kW vaporiser fog machine, controlled via DMX 512, tim..
Martin Magnum Pro 2000
Martin Magnum Pro 2000 Foger. Special long lasting and reliable heating unit. Variable fog output i..
Look Viper 2,6 Fog Machine
Look VIPER 2,6 SMOKE MACHINE Very powerful output, simple handling and the possibility to connect a..
Martin Magnum 1800 Fog Machine
Martin Magnum 1800 fog machine - a high-powered fog machine suitable for any installation from the ..