Other Clarinets (Boehm)

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Yamaha YCL-221 II S
Yamaha YCL-221 II S Bass Clarinet in Bb - Boehm (french) system, low Eb- model, two-piece ABS body,..
Buffet Crampon BC1195 Bass Clarinet
Buffet BC 1195 Bb- Bass Clarinet, Tosca model, range until low C, Boehm system, body made of select..
Thomann CL-17C Synthetic C- Clarinet
Thomann CL-17C "Synthetic Line" C- clarinet, boehm system, 17 keys, 5 rings, completely made of pla..
Thomann CL-17C C- Clarinet Boehm
Thomann CL-17C C- clarinet, boehm system, 17 keys, 5 rings, completely made of grenadilla wood, thu..
F.A. Uebel Emperior Bb- Bass Clarinet
F.A. Uebel "Emperior" Bb- bass clarinet, Boehm system, low C, tunable neck, G- resonance key, selec..
Jupiter JBC675SII Bass Clarinet
Jupiter JBC675SII Bass Clarinet, low Eb model, boehm system, two piece ABS plastic body, one piece ..
Buffet Crampon BC1503-2-0 Alto Clarinet
Buffet BC1503-2-0 Alto Clarinet in Eb, low Eb, body made of grenadilla, mechanism nickel silver, si..
Leblanc L7165
Leblanc L7165 Eb Alto Clarinet - Boehm system, Resotone body, wood-like finish, 18.00mm bore, nicke..
Buffet Crampon Prestige Bass low C Greenline
Buffet BC1193G-2-0, Bb- Bassclarinet Greenline, Prstige model, until low C, boehm-system, Eb/ Ab le..
Buffet Crampon Prestige Bass Clarinet low Eb
Buffet BC1183-2-0, Bb-Bassclarinet, Prestige model, to low Eb, boehm-system, grenadilla wood, silve..
Buffet Crampon BC1180-2-0 Bass Clarinet
Buffet BC 1180-2-0 Bb- Bass Clarinet, student model, range until to low Eb, Boehm system, body made..
Yamaha YCL-622 II
Yamaha YCL-622 II, bass-clarinet in Bb, boehm system, ton range to low C, grenadilla wood body, 24 ..
Yamaha YCL-621 II
Yamaha YCL-621 II, bass-clarinet in Bb, boehm system, grenadilla wood body, 20 keys, 7 covered fing..
Yamaha YCL-631 II
Yamaha YCL-631 II, alto-clarinet in Eb, professional series, boehm system, two piece grenadilla woo..
Selmer 25/II Bass Clarinet Low C
Selmer 25/II Bassclarinet, boehm-system, low C, grenadilla wood, A= 442Hz, silver plated keys, 22 k..
Leblanc USA L 7168 Bass Clarinet
Leblanc USA bass clarinet L7168, boehm system, to low Eb, resotone body, .945" (24,0mm) bore, nicke..
Buffet Crampon BC1193-2-0 Prestige
Buffet BC 1193 Bass Clarinet - professional model, to low C, Boehm system, Eb/ Ab key, low G resona..