PA Equipment Cases

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Thon Stagebox Case 5U 22
Thon 19" Stageboxcase 5 U, Thon Live 19" case for 19" Stageboxsystems, butterflies, dimensions WxDx..
SKB Bose L1 Model II Speaker Case
SKB Bose L1 Model II Speaker Case made for Bose L1 Loudspeaker, Bose L1 Model 1S or Bose L1 Model I..
Thon Case for 2x Maui 28 Top
Thon Case for 2x Maui 28 Top, Space for 2 Maui 28 Satellite speaker cabinets, made from 7mm Birch m..
Thon Profi Drawer Case
Thon Profi Drawer Case, Profi Single Door Case with 5 drawer, 9mm ply wood black coated, 30 x 30 mm..
Thomann Mix Case 3727G
Thomann Mix Case 3727G, Made for Audio Adapters, 5 Individual compartments, External Dimensions 370..
Gator GX-1813-PLT-TSA
Gator GX-1813-PLT-TSA, toolcase made of plastik, black finnish, 2 removeable standard Tool Inlays, ..
Thon Mixer Case Powermate 1000-3
Thon Mixercase for Dynacord Powermate 1000-3 Powermixer, 7 mm Birchwood, 4 Butterfly Catches, 3 Rec..
Thon Roadcase d&b T10
Thon Roadcase for 6x d&b T10 incl. space for 1x T Flying frame and 1x T Cluster bracket, made from ..
Thon Microphone Stand Case 16
Thon Microphone Stand Case - for 16x mic stands and microphones. 7mm birch ply with 30 x 30mm alumi..
Thon Roadcase Backliner Toolcase BK
Thon Roadcase Backliner Toolcase - 9mm birch plywood, 15U rackstrip on front side including screws,..
Thon 19" Stagebox Case 6U 18
Thon 19" Stageboxcase 6 U, Thon Live 19" case for 19" Stageboxsystems, butterflies, dimensions WxDx..
Thon NTI Toolcase
Thon NTI Toolcase for 1x MR 2/Pro, 1x AL1/ML1, 1x MiniSPL, 7mm multiplex, 22x22mm Aluprofiles, 1 gr..
Thon 19" Stagebox Case 4U 18
Thon 19" Stageboxcase 4 U, Thon Live 19" case for 19" Stageboxsystems, butterflies, dimensions WxDx..
Gator GM-15 TSA
Gator GM-15 TSA Touring Microphone Carry Case - TSA recessed latches & handles, heavy-duty hardware..
Thon Roadcase Yamaha M7CL48
Thon Roadcase For Yamaha M7CL48 – features doghouse with cut outs (left and right) for cable feed..
Thon Roadcase 2x JBL VRX932LA
Thon Roadcase for 2x JBL VRX932LA - 9mm birch ply, 4x heavy duty butterfly catches, 6x handles, 2x ..
Thon Roadcase d&b Q-Sub
Thon Roadcase d&b Q-Sub - 7mm birch plywood with 30 x 30mm aluminium profiles, medium flat steel ed..
Thon Roadcase 2x Speaker
Thon Road Case for 2x Speaker d&b Q1/Q7, 9mm birch plywood, 30 x 30 mm aluminium profiles, foam pad..
Thon Roadcase 3x d&b Q1/Q7
Thon Roadcase for 3x d&b Q1 Line Array Modules - 9mm wood with 8x butterfly latches, 2x braked whee..
Thon Wireless-Systems Case 2U
Thon Case 2U for 19" wireless systems - manufactured from 7mm multiplex wood, 22 x 22mm and 25 x 25..